Confessions of an Auditor Will Give You Power!


“Michelle has been the “tax woman” and has audited people just like you and me. Now she empowers us to have great businesses, great lives and success without compromise.”Chad Gibson, Chad Gibson & Associates

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Confessions of an Auditor Will Give You Power! The power of clarity and protection that comes from understanding:

• How people actually get selected for audit

• Red flags that could increase your chances of being selected for audit

• How organizing your information will save you valuable time and money

• Insight into the psyche of the dreaded Auditor

• What an audit actually is and is not

• The fine line between business and personal and why it’s important

• Critical advice on what NOT to say during an audit

• How and when to use your accounting/professional team

• How to not only survive an audit but to powerfully manage it to a successful conclusion

• The single most important competitive advantage for a business owner

• The 5 foolproof strategies to even the playing field and help you stay in control

• Much, much more ….